The Nemp Webserver

The purpose of the nemp Webserver is not streaming the playlist within the local network. The Nemp Webserver is a remote control for Nemp, so you can change the playlist e.g. with your smartphone. The smartphone should be in the same network as the pc with nemp running on. On your smartphone, you have to enter the IP address of the Nemp-PC (like

This should be enough for your private use. But if you want to use Nemp as a party player, you may not want to give all your guests the access code to your local WiFi. Besides, entering a IP address is a bit complicated.

But you can change this. All you need is a second access point (e.g.  TP-Link TL-WA801ND, approx. 40$) and a DNS server.


We will do the following 

  • Setup a new WiFi access point, which creates a local network (i.e. without internet access)
  • The PC with Nemp running on will get a fixed IP address within this network
  • Install a DNS server on the Nemp PC, which translate a URL like "http://nemp.playlist" into the fixed IP address of our Nemp PC, so that a smartphone can have access to the Nemp Webserver through the URL.

Prepare WiFi

For the Nemp Webserver we need an access point with DHCP with address reservation for single devices and a setting for the DNS server. Even cheap access points like the TL-WA801ND have these functions.

For detailed instruction how to setup your WiFi, please have a look into the handbook of your access point.

First we set a simple SSID for our new newtwork, e.g. "Nemp LAN". Whether you secure the WiFi or not, is your decision. I think it is not necessary here.

Reserved IP for the Nemp PC

Next we activate the WiFi, and connect the PC with it, where Nemp should be running on later. Refresh the DHCP client list on your access point and copy the MAC address of your PC.

Within the address reservation of the access point, we assign a fixed IP address to this device. Every time the Nemp PC is connected to this access point, it will have the same IP address (here

DNS settings

We do not want to call the Nemp Webserver through a number (e.g., but through a simple name (like http://nemp.playlist or http://www.playlist)

For this, we have to install a local DNS server, which translates the name "nemp.playlist" into the IP address "". We will install a DNS server on the Nemp PC, so we set our fixed IP address as DNS server on the access point.


Setup the DNS server

Next step is setting up a DNS server. I use Sans - The Simple Authoritative DNS Server for this - it is free and quite easy to handle.

After downloading and installing Sans, we setup a new primary zone (Add -> New primary zone). We want a address like "www.playlist", so we need a zone called "playlist".

After this we edit this zone and add a new IPv4 address: Right click in the right part of the Sans main window ("Ressource records") and select "Add new -> A-Address (IPv4)". We enter in the dialog our desired name and assign the IP address of the Nemp PC.


We can also add alias names (e.g. www.playlist).



That was all. Now you have to tell your guests 

  • Connect your phone with the (open) WiFi "Nemp LAN" 
  • Visit http://nemp.playlist and look for the tracks you want to hear.