about the licenses

The units and classes published on this site are covered under the MPL (Mozilla Public License) and/or the LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License). These are two common licenses for free software.

Some comments to this.

I am probably the last, who starts an official reprimand if someone violates the license terms. Especially on "small programs", whose authors understand this license-stuff even lass than myself, I will be more likely kind.

But: I put a lot of work in this code, and so I demand some kind of fairness. If you use one of the units, you should mention this somewhere in your application. Whether it is in the readme.txt, the credits-dialog or somewhere else - I don't care. Whether yout app is "Open Source", "Freeware", "Shareware" ore "really expensive" - I don't care.

The combination of MPL and LGPL gives you the right to use the code in Closed- and Open Source Software, as long as you mention the usage (very roughly summarized). For all the details: See the text of licenses.