A collection of classes for reading and writing ID3Tags from mp3-files with Delphi. It is compatible to Delphi versions from Delphi 7 (probably also 5 and 6) to Delphi 2010.


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  • Read and write ID3v1-Tag
  • Read and write ID3v2-Tag
  • Support for all existing subversions v1, v1.1, v2.2, v2.3, v2.4
  • Simple access to common properties like artist, title, album
  • Access to extended information like lyrics, cover, URLs, rating
  • Access to arbitrary frames possible (knowledge about the ID3v2-Structure assumed)
  • Supports Unicode
  • Supports unsynchronization
  • Unknown frames (~information) remain untouched
  • Read/compute MPEG-information as bitrate, channelmode, samplerate, duration

New in version 0.6

  • Support of "Private Frames"
  • VBRI-Header-Detection
  • some more genres in the genre list for ID3v1
  • new methods Get/SetUserText, GetAllUsertextFrames
  • ID3v2Tag.ReadfromStream faster: Tag is loaded at once first, from this memorystream the single frames are loaded
  • Methods SetRating and SetPersonalPlayCounter merged to SetRatingAndCounter
  • Bugfix: correct reading of UTF8-encoded textframes using Delphi 2009
  • Bugfix: Size of ExtendedHeader has been misinterpreted
  • Bugfix: User-defined Textframes (TXXX) has a different structure than other Textframes
  • Bugfix: Typ-Mix at GetFrameLength resolved

Third-party components (optional)

Depending on the compiler-switches (see file for Delphi 2007 or earlier the TNT Unicode Controls can be used to access files with "unicode filenames". You can download prior versions of the TNTs here or here, the newer versions can be bought from TMS
Delphi 2009 and later supports Unicode by itself.


This is not done by my, but by Frank Plagge, Details within the comments of the main unit. There are demos for Windows and Mac included.


MPL 1.1 or LGPL 2.1